Wednesday, 1 May 2013

A thumbs up to Roger, old photos & splashing around!

As promised, here is my monthly blog update...That wasn't a very inviting sentence, was it? Well as long as you're still reading, I shall carry on and tell you what has been happening this past month in the exciting world of the average man.
     We had decided that for Rose's birthday in January we would go to the Splash Landings Hotel and water park at Alton Towers and stay overnight to make best use of the facilities. However, we couldn't go until April and so as a result it became a sort of birthday treat for us all. In our house we don't have birthdays, we have birthweeks. This is a system whereby you are allowed to have treats during the week before our birthday without fear of feeling guilty.
    We had a fantastic time there, the accommodation was clean and comfortable and the buffet food, whilst not particularly cheap, was of a good quality. The hotel was not the highlights of the trip though, that honour had to go to the (mostly) indoor water park that was part of the complex. There were indoor water slides (one of which Rose got stuck in and we had a lifeguard eventually help with) and there were outdoor water slides (I don't care if science states that -273.15 degrees Celsius is absolute zero, they were colder). We went on a sort of "Lazy River" that just pulled us along whilst jets of water shot at us from barrels and buckets of water tipped on our heads (both of these attacks seem to get me the most..hmmm.) And of course we had what you get quite often in a large pool with lots of excited kids...a p..Suffice to say that the filter system did a good job and we were allowed back in, after being assured it was safe to do so, after about ten minutes. The upshot of the break we had was that due to being soaked in chlorine for the best part of five hours each day, I was ready to audition for the part of "Prune Face" from Star Wars, or possibly the fella who gets toxic waste on him in Robocop. Oh, I think the kids had a good time too!
     I had my first radio interview this month too. I was invited by Pete Cooper from BBC Radio Northampton to talk about the DVD release of The Hobbit and the very sad news about the passing of Roger Ebert, arguably the greatest ever film critic. I was quite nervous but I felt that we had a good chat and after a few comments from various people, it seemed to come across quite well. Hopefully there shall be more of those to follow. In memory of Roger Ebert I am also proposing that on the anniversary of his death, April 4th, film reviewers would perhaps like to dedicate their reviews to him. So any reviewers reading this, put it in your diaries now! My film article and review writing has increased a lot this past month and as such my calendar for evenings is a mixture of film watching, writing reviews and constructing articles. I'm still enjoying it for now so I enjoy being busy with it.
     Finally, this month my wife and my friends dug some old photos of us all that were taken about 15 years ago! To begin with I was cringing, but after a while and remembering when they were taken and what we were doing at the time, they actually brought back some great memories I have of those times. It was when many long-term friendships gained their foundations that would ensure that we were still friends all this time later, irrespective of the distance some of us are apart. Of course I hope, for many more years to come too For some of you who read this, you know who you are!

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