Thursday, 15 March 2012

GORDON'S ALIVE-He bloody should be!

The undoubted success of the hit musical "We will rock you", surely demonstrates the public's enjoyment of singing along to one of the greatest rock bands ever, Queen.  Given this success, i am amazed that no-one has attempted to transfer another fantastic score, together with a ready made script to the stage.  If the above sign doesn't tell you what i mean i shall enlighten you.  FLASH GORDON.  The soundtrack is already there, the songs are already there and the major scenes of the film could be translated onto the stage using modern effects and construction.  Perhaps it is just me, but can no-one else see the crimson meteors falling from the ceiling of the theatre harmlessly (health and safety) onto the audience and stage?  Could you not imagine Dr Hanz Zarkov's home-made rocket ship lifting off from the stage, billowing out smoke from underneath as it surges upward and into the roof?  How about the swamp scene where the spider-like monster envelopes our hero and sucks him down into the stage?  What about the American football fight in the court of Ming?  There are plenty more classic scenes: The great sky fight, and of course the Hawkmen flying across the audience and around the stage.  Let's not forget, you could have all of this, with a storyline, with impressive effects and the cherry on the top-the fantastic songs by Queen to sing along to.  Who wouldn't be cheering Flash on at the end, against Ming the Merciless (BOO,  HISS)?  When i go to London and travel on the tube, i see all of the posters lining the escalator walls, advertising the latest shows.  Imagine one of these posters showing a simple red background with a golden flash down the middle and underneath, short and sweet, the words "Gordon's Alive!"  If it were this easy i suppose someone would have done it and perhaps they have tried, but it seems to me its ready for the taking.  If i had the money or the expertise i wouldn't hesitate. I haven't, but i know of people called Lloyd-Webber and Rice that may have......


  1. Hi there. I read a lot of blogs and have to say this is one of the best. I'm really looking forward to the next instalment and have spread the word to many friends. I work in publishing and really feel you have a talent that could be nourished. Keep up the good work.

    1. The grate Pretender24 March 2012 at 13:43

      I certnly kent get wiv this Anonymouse. You tork about publishing but im not shaw you would no grate riting if it punched you in face. Shawly when you red this blog you got bored after a fuw lines. Flash Gordon is just like a panto mate. You might see it on at Christmas but never on the west end.
      It is just my upinyun but i got bored reding this. Riting has too exsight you and realy tuch your hart not bore the bollix off ya.
      Shaw thers betta to cum. Maybe wiv a betta subject.

  2. @ The grate Pretender, I have no problem with criticism and enjoyed your deliberately misspelled comment. Life would be too boring if everyone's opinion was the same. It is a shame you were bored and that my thoughts and writings neither touch nor excite you, however i am merely sharing these thoughts and experiences with whoever wants to know, and for me to look back on myself. I am not trying to appeal directly to anyone in particular. If i was paid to do so, the content may be different. If you like what you see, great. If not, no problem. Hail Flash, saviour of the universe!

  3. Nice idea. Gotta love Flash Gordon. Anytime you get Brian Blessed and Richard O’Brien in a film it has to be a wheeze. And of course Max Sydow as Minge the Merciless. Would love to see the planet Mango on the West End.....although if there was ever a sci-fi worthy of the London stage it has to be Star Wars II – Attack of the Jedi...wouldn’t mind seeing Vanessa Paradis revive her role as Padme (not arf!!) on the stage.
    Or even go back to the beginning with A New Hope. Can you imagine Darth Vadar stealthy, menacingly entering from side stage to the strains of To Boldly Go....awesome.

    Live long and prosper my good blogger.