Friday, 13 April 2012


As a fan of Ian Fleming's creation James Bond, i was pleased with the news that a new Bond novel would again grace the shelves of bookstores all around the world.  Following in the footsteps of Fleming, Amis, Benson, Faulks and last year Deaver, William Boyd has been commissioned to pen this latest addition to the saga of 007.  Many fans like myself, were drawn into the world of Bond by watching the films, the older ones as seasons of re-runs and the newer ones at the cinema as they were released.  I recall that not long ago there would be a trailer on ITV for a season of Bond movies, usually a Saturday night or Sunday afternoon. As i say i am a fan of the films and it may be just me, but i put them into a category of movies which you can "jump into"; you don't have to see the start every time, you can watch it from whatever point it's at and enjoy it. Today's news now reveals that unless you have the collection on DVD or VHS, or you pay a subscription to Sky's movie package, you will never flick through the freeview channels again and find James Bond waiting for you to join him on his ride of adventure and excitement.  Almost 40 years ago ITV broadcast Dr.No, the first Bond movie, to the public. They have shown 22 of the movies, many times over since 1975 but now it all ends.  ITV's deal with MGM runs out this summer and the Monopolistic Murdoch's SKY have snatched the rights.  Several fan groups on Twitter are already trying to make the films have some sort of protected status that allows them to be free to view, but i feel this will come to nothing.  Its a great shame that many children will not be able to find their way to Fleming's novels, like myself and many others have done, purely because of Sky's greed.  I dare say that the boxsets will be vanishing from the shelves of many stores, and indeed many sellers will try and cash in on this situation.  Bond is an institution of the film industry and as such copies of the films should be advertised as available as packages with the novels from Libraries.  I know the logistics of extra novels et.c to be kept in stock at libraries is difficult, but i fear the popularity of Fleming's creation will die off all because of Sky.  After all, the films would not exist were it not for the novels of Fleming...I imagine Murdoch was sitting there, stroking a white fluffy cat as he completed the deal.

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