Sunday, 29 January 2012

Cowboys and Aliens....

Watched the film "Cowboys and Aliens" last night.  "Cowboys, Aliens, Red Indians and Bond", would have been nearer to the truth to be fair.  In theory Daniel Craig was the lead but when Harrison Ford is involved in any film its difficult to look much further than him, especially given Craig's terrible American accent.  Now i'm a huge fan of the Fleming novels and subsequent films, and when i saw Craig in "Layer Cake" i thought he would make a fantastic Bond. Perhaps this was because he played the role in that film almost as Bond; quite emotionless and calculating. Consequently he is superb as Bond, as many have pointed out but this appears to have allowed him to take the techniques he uses to play Bond and apply them to the character of Jake Lonegan. Perhaps it was the script that was at fault. An example of this is a scene whereby Lonegan is confronted in the bar by the sheriff and his collegues. Of course he soon turns the tables on them and holds the upper hand.  Its a harmless film, which i did enjoy as a "Don't need to work things out movie," and let my eyes just soak it up. I just think it didn't need Craig and perhaps they used his and Ford's names to attract the punters.

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