Monday, 30 January 2012


Something on the radio made me laugh on the way to work today. Recent statistics show that men are worse at parking than women. That wasn't the funny part, but all the men know that's not true!  Just kidding ladies! The funny bit was a couple of examples listeners had provided, describing some quality parking efforts by women.

  1. A lady reversed her car through her own fence, and managed to blame her husband for "Painting the fence too darkly using creosote!"  His fault then.
  2. Another lady reversed straight backwards into a legally parked car.  Her reason for this was that "There wasn't normally anyone parked there."  Oh.  That's all right then, fair enough.
On another note, apparently today is Happy Monday!  According to a senior psychologist in Manchester who says that today is the happiest Monday of the year.( I wasn't aware that any Monday is a good Monday). It seems that because its the first pay day after Christmas and the lack of funds through January, we should all be over the moon. Mmmm.  Not sure i agree.  In addition to Happy Monday, there are 11 happy days this year.  You probably have most of them already marked on your calendar, as they are bank holidays, with the jubilee celebrations earmarked as an extended period of this happiness.  Supposedly due to the fact it gives us an extra day off and a long weekend.  Try telling that to the workers in retail.  There's only 2.8 million of them....

It seems that in the next few years more stringent regulations will be enforced with regards to immigrants from outside the E.U.  Only those higher skilled, qualified professionals will be allowed to stay.  The problem with this is that who will do the lower paid, more physical jobs that a lot of immigrants do now?  Not our own unemployed as many of them would rather sit on their arses and collect benefits.  Not all, but many.

Today i sent off my application for an expenses allowance from the government for washing my work clothes.  Sounds quite picky, but if some people can claim benefits for everything then i'm going to get what i can.  Here is a link to more info on the subject.

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