Monday, 30 January 2012

DAISY-Her exploits so far.

April 2010-Not much bloody longer if she keeps this up:
  1. Jumped out of the car and ran into and around Blockbuster, looking to see what she wanted to rent.
  2. Decided that Louise needed a new mobile, so chewed up the current one.
  3. Phoned us from the upstairs telephone.
  4. Phoned our carpenter at 6.20am, again by biting the phone.
  5. Chewed the cane furniture in the conservatory...and the wine rack...and the door frame.
  6. On her first visit to a friend of Louise's she poo'd on her cream carpet and the smell made her son physically sick.
  7. Chewed a new, ready-to-be-fitted door.
  8. Tore the cheques we received as Christmas gifts in half.
She also does a very good impression of Fenton when i take her for a walk to Twywell Hills and Dales. 

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