Friday, 3 February 2012

A BED(room) of ROSE'S...

A BED(room) OF ROSE'S...

At last Rose's new bedroom is finished. It began with moving the boiler from the airing cupboard into the loft.  The airing cupboard then became a built-in wardrobe and some new drawers located here also. She now has a mid-sleeper style bed with plenty of room underneath, a bookcase, table and chair set and some nice shelves.  We also painted the room in marshmallow colour and fitted new curtains.  Of course it all went smoothly and according to plan.....not.

Despite good planning and preparation, the paint would not take to the walls. After speaking to Wickes, who supplied the paint, they gave us two more tins free of charge, suggesting the first batch may have been out of date? Eventually the paint built up and we were happy with the finish.  Next up we ordered the bed from Argos or should that be Aghast, which is what we were when, after a month of waiting for delivery, it arrived only for us to find a major part of it broken. Unquestionably this had been done during production, and clearly there was no quality control. Cue a "strong" phone call to Argos suggesting  they sort it out quickly.  They did so, and this time the part was good.  It went together well, with of course the occasional outbreak of tourette's from myself during the construction.  Perhaps its just me, but i often suffer from this during any form of D.I.Y!!  The bookshelf went together without a hitch.  The desk was time consuming, but with a few re-fits slotted together, despite the instructions telling me to use screws which had already been used!  If only flat-packed furniture was checked by the manufacturers against their own instructions and better quality control measures, many complaints would never happen.  The bottom line though was that we have a very happy little girl, who loves her new bedroom.

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