Wednesday, 15 February 2012


I recently finished watching every episode of  Buffy: The Vampire clam down and wipe the tears of laughter from your face and let me explain why i did this:  I  have always liked Vampire movies, Lost Boys, Vamp, Fright Night, After Dark, 'Salems Lot, Interview with et.c, enjoyed the novels of  Anne Rice and even dabled a little with the role-playing game Masquerade. When Buffy and the spin off Angel came onto our screens, i enjoyed those too.  All seemed to go quiet then for a few years until the recent explosion of Vampire based series and films.  I have seen all but the most recent Twiglet, sorry Twilight films and thought they were okay but then came the Vampire Diaries.  My goodness what a load of tosh i thought. It is just jumping on the bandwagon again.  True Blood is much better, leaning a lot more towards the dark side of vampirism, fantastically enhanced by its location in the deep south, which is where the Anne Rice novels are also set and no doubt help create the atmosphere. The Blade films were fantastic, this time the soundtrack doing a brilliant job to aid the film, but also guiding the genre into the mainstream with its techno soundtrack.  Perhaps this is part of the genres undoing.  The market is now flooded more than ever with vampire based films or tv shows.  The recent remake of Fright Night is the latest example and another film "Abraham Lincoln-Vampire Hunter" is just around the corner.  I fear we may be entering a period like the late seventies/early eighties with sci-fi movies being churned out with more poor ones than epics.  Anyway, the chance presented itself to re-watch the Buffy saga, and the Angel one (but that has been put back!)and so i watched them and i will say this: It is funnier than the downbeat and somber feel of  Vampire Diaries and it is equal to the action of Twiglet.  Only one season was a bit slow and veered off (the one with the army) and the storylines were interesting for the majority.  Yes it had its sloppy moments, see Angel and towards the end Spike, but it also addressed many of the problems the human condition presents in life.  There were several moments in it which reminded me of recent effects used in more recent films such as the Matrix and overall i think if you watch it again you would enjoy it more this time than when you first watched it.  It was good then and it is better than the current crop of recent vampire efforts.  The film and t.v producers need to slow down with this genre or else the blood will become to thin and weak. My message to them would be this: "Hold back and wait until something really good is ready to be made." B positive...couldn't resist that one.

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