Friday, 3 February 2012

Third time lucky for the quiz????

For the second month in a row, my friends and i congregated at the Tollemache Arms, Harrington ( for their monthly general knowledge quiz.  We turned out on a crisp night to try and better our second place from the previous month, which had been our first attempt may i add, at this very welcoming country pub which takes its name from the Reverend Tollemache.  Six pounds a head bought us a hot supper, on this occasion a beef hotpot, and entrance to the quiz.  They had changed their tack this time with regards the food, serving it straight to us as opposed to a help-yourself style buffet from January during which they ran out.  Despite a not overly generous portion it still tasted great and we really shouldn't have expected more for the price.  A fine selection of ales was available to us before we were seated for the food and quiz.  We were into second place early on and unfortunately just couldn't close the gap on the leaders throughout the rounds, culminating in a six point deficit of our 44 points to their very impressive 50. They won a six bottle case of wine for their troubles but couldn't win the jackpot of over £100 which rolls on to next months quiz, which of course we shall be attending.  Of course there were many calls of  "I said it was that" and "I told you so" from several tables, including our own, which only added to another great evening with good beer, food and friends.  The menus read very well i shouldn't be surprised if the meals on offer are of an excellent standard.  The quiz takes place on the first Thursday of every month.  We have booked our place, which is necessary if you want to take part.  Hopefully next time it will be third time lucky for "Haven't got a clue" or "Quizzy Rascals" or whichever team name takes our fancy!

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