Monday, 20 February 2012


News came to me today that confirms what i had feared for a while now: the government in charge of this country is quite willing to penalise me and many, many more hard-working people and families for having values.  As i understand it, in April of this year any household whose total working income is greater than £26,000 per year (pre tax) will have its tax credits withdrawn.  For my family that equates to around £520 per year.  That's £520 per year we have to find from somewhere.  According to the recent proposed benefits cap, the total limit that may be available to those on benefits is the equivalent of £34,000 pre tax. How is it then that if for example a benefits claimant were to claim up to this figure they would be better off than a working person? It is because this country has lost sight of what is important to its future?  Yes of course the finances must be balanced but the scales of morality must also be balanced.  How is it morally correct that someone can have a choice, if they wish, to be unemployed because they will be better off?  How can it be that society is in such a state that it allows people to make this choice without having guilt about it. It is hard enough bringing up our children these days and trying to guide them morally and academically is getting harder.  What is the incentive for them to go to university, study hard and graduate only to find there are no jobs to suit their qualifications or to pay off their student loans? It is easier for many to play the system and wait for the government to use tax payers money to pay for them to not just survive, but in may cases have more disposable income than that of the tax payers who provide for them have.  I thought recently that i would "play the game" as it were and seek any possible allowances i was entitled to (i mentioned this in an earlier blog).  I found out that i was entitled to a washing allowance for my work uniform.  The good news is this was swiftly processed and i get an allowance of about £12 per year for this.  Better than nothing eh? But of course that was to easy and so with the tax credits changing in April i find that the bottom line is i have applied for something, been awarded it and find myself about £500 per year worse off.  What more do they want from me?  The shirt off my back will be next, probably because they now pay me to wash it!  The government should remember though, I am the average man and my feelings are echoed by many average men...and we make up a major part of the workforce that provides for this country including their jobs....

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  1. your feelings are echoed by many average men...

    and women!!!