Wednesday, 8 February 2012


Some of the latest cars are coming equipped with sensors that can control your speed and braking systems.  Pretty cool huh? I think up to 80% of cars currently on the road have this feature already! These systems come into effect when the air temperature is around 0, and only when snow has fallen.  Unfortunately, these systems then go into shutdown and render the top speed of 20mph, no matter what the road conditions.  Either that or the snow is actually affecting some drivers brains!  Now i'm all for safe driving in all conditions, but why do some people insist on driving so slowly that they actually do more harm than good.  It causes other drivers to get more wound up and drive harder when they get the chance.  I have been travelling up a hill before now, at 40-50mph in the snow, following traffic. Before long the car at the front's "Panic-It's-Snowing-Stop" system or P.I.S.S, has cut in and we all start slowing, causing my front wheels to start to lose traction! Fortunately we reached the brow of the hill in time, and all was well again.  All we need to do is use common sense and....oh i am forgetting again, there isn't much of that about is there!  We just don't cope when it snows or gets a little cold do we?  Its been reported that Amsterdam hit -38! Our best was about -12 i think.  We worry about clearing our public paths of snow, but then we're not sure if we should have!  Are we liable if someone falls over outside where we haven't cleared enough? It's pathetic.YOU DO NOT NEED TO CLEAR THE PUBLIC PATHWAY ONLY YOUR OWN DRIVE.  In some countries you are legally obliged to clear the paths and up to half the road!  The trick is with both driving and clearing snow, be prepared.  That way we needn't panic when it comes.  Let's be honest, its not very often.  Also it seems children at school can no longer play outside during their breaks because of health and safety!  Instead they have to stay inside and watch T.V.  Get a grip Britain, use common sense and...

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